Abstract Art Paitning Questions and Feedback

  • Hello, would you be interested in teaching a workshop at the Cuyahoga Valley Art Center? If so please contact me
    Thank you so much for your offer. I deeply apologize however do to limited time I would have to pass on this offer. Thank you!
  • Hi Pete! I love your painting of Zero Gravity but am looking for a larger canvas. Can you give me a quote of that on a 36 by 48 canvas? Thank you very much! Roxane
    Hi Roxy, Thank you for contacting me. for that size I can create similar painting for $600. Please let me know if that works for you?
  • Hi there! I was just wondering if you have ever displayed your work at University Hospital Case Medical Center? My boyfriend works there and was describing some paintings that he saw there one day a few weeks ago, and I was curious if it could have been you! Please let me know :) THanks!
    Yes absolutely.
  • Hello, is your Deep Violet painting for sale?
    No this painting is available for recreation only. Which means that if you purchase this abstract painting I will create a similar one for you.
  • Dear Peter, My name is Catrin and I live in Sweden. I have just found your art videos on Youtube, your work is amazing (!) and have inspired me to try abstract painting :) I´m sure you have lots to do but I thought I should give it a try and ask you for some painting advice. * I have seen in your videos that you wet the canvas before starting to paint. Does the canvas stay wet for a long time while you paint or do you spray more water onto the canvas as you go? * Do you usually finish a painting in one "sitting" or do you sometimes continue at a later time, adding water to the painting that is now dry? * Right now I am watching your YouTube video "How to paint still life using acrylic paint on canvas modern art techniques...", the one with the three jugs. As you add paint by using the spatula or brush, have you mixed the paint with water before adding it to the canvas or does it blend so well because the canvas itself is still wet? Thank you so much in advance and for your great videos! Sincerely, Catrin Bastholm Eriksson, Sweden
    Hi Catrin in Sweden, How is your painting going? Are you still doing painting. I am a fan of Peter's abstract art like you. Live in Canada and am trying to paint abstracts in acrylic because I love the quick dry paint which forces me to get it down and not overwork it, if you know what I mean.
  • Saw you on youtube and then checked out your site. Amazing Art! Do you make custom artwork? We are looking for an abstract painting in shades of purple, maybe with some brown . If so, what would be the costs? Iit would be for a large wall and we are open to ideas about one large piece or two or three pieces that go together. Look forward to your reply.
    cost would be determined based on the size of the canvas and the difficulty of the composition
  • When you use a spatula, is it best to use heavy body paint and with a sponge, use soft body? And should I be using a dry sponge, because I'm getting bubbles in my paint? Best regards.
    Q:When you use a spatula, is it best to use heavy body paint and with a sponge, use soft body? - A: I only use soft body acrylics. Q: And should I be using a dry sponge, because I'm getting bubbles in my paint? Best regards - A: rinse the sponge periodically in clean water
  • Peter, when you use a spatula, is it best to use heavy body paint? And do you use soft body paint for the sponge technique? Best regards. Jason
    Q: when you use a spatula, is it best to use heavy body paint? A: it really depends on your personal preference Q: do you use soft body paint for the sponge technique? A: I personally prefer to work with soft body acrylics
  • I would like to buy the DVD's.. Can I?
    at this time I only offer streaming abstract art lesson video courses and tutorials on my other website at abstractartlesson.com
  • Im not comfortable buying stuff online. Is any way of buying the gold package ata store?
    at this time I do not offer any DVDs with my art video lessons only through subscription on my other website at abstractartlesson.com
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  • Hi Pete, thank you for your amazing videos on youtube, "sky blue" and so on, it made my day. Just wanted to thank you, SimoneSimone (Germany)
  • I am 77 years old. over 40 years ago I did some oil painting. Gave it up when children and life changes came. I recently decided to take up Acrylics. However, I have developed what is called a familial tremor. I have very bad shaking in my hands. I feel that Abstract would be the best way of expressing myself. I just found you on YouTube tonight. I have looked at other tutorials, but I must tell you Peter, when I watched two of yours, I began to cry. It touched me so deeply, because I sort of knew what colour you were going to add next. I felt that your method is one I could use, even though I have the tremor. I also have a lung condition, so I am housebound a lot, but I do volunteer to support people to stop smoking, via a COPD group on the internet. Have done so for almost 20 years. But I so want to get back to painting. I have some paints and some canvas, but I want to get some more things that will help me. Sponges and mediums to keep paint from drying. You have given me new hope that I once again can create. Thank you so much, Peter. My heart soared tonight and my tears were those of joy.Joyce Stewart Toronto, Ontario,Canada
  • Sharing such intimate beauty...the process...the here and now of creation. Words can not express.Merci, il y a longtemps que j'ai senti si profondement la vie...xxxLeslie Ann Northern Quebec Canada
  • Great art works, you have really tapped into something. Very strong statements also a very good range of concepts. Brilliant!Andrew
  • I ordered two fantastic paintings from Peter. I have to say the price was very reasonable the shipping was quick and the paintings are really incredible. I would HIGHLY recommend placing your order, you will not be disappointed.Derek DQ USA Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Peter I really think your art is so amazing! I am just a kid but i still paint my heart out and when i see your paintings I can read it just because of the beautiful colors that you use. Your technique with the sponge is amazing I just learned how to do it last week and I am on my 30th painting. I am a big fan of your paintings.One word i can describe your paints are perfect i have seen all your videos. If you actually had the time to read this thank you so much!Fernando Milwaukee
  • We have seven of your paintings and we love every one. We can't wait to add to our collection. We missed you at the Dayton Art Institute Oktoberfest this year. Hope to see you next year!Lori Dayton, OH
  • Hi Pete, I just want to let you know how much I enjoy your painting videos on Utube. Please keep making them. I soooo enjoy them. Thank for sharing your art.Brenda Baltimore
  • Hi Pete, Love your art work "White tree" posted on youtube. Its simply awesome!! I tried it myself with few modifications because i think i couldnt paint even near to your work. somehow i managed and would love to get your comments on that. Painting is my hobby and i love to try new techniques and paintings..pls let me know where can i send u my work.Shachi
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